“Workers Take Longer To Find Jobs Though Counteroffers Rise.” – Staffing Industry Analysts Daily News

According to ZipRecruiter’s new Q1 2024 Survey of New Hires, “Workers Take Longer To Find Jobs Though Counteroffers Rise.”  Staffing Industry Analysts provides a top level summary of the survey’s findings which include findings such as data points on the length of time to find a job, counteroffers, application response… Read more »

“78% of Baby Boomers Think Age Would Be a Factor When Being Considered for a New Position” – ASA Workforce Monitor Report

As Baby Boomers continue to have extended careers and work to older ages, many studies point to a growing issue of ageism in hiring. According to the recent American Staffing Association Workforce Monitor study, “a staggering 78% of Baby Boomers (ages 60-78) believe their age would be a contributing factor… Read more »

Healthcare, IT Among Industries Making Progress Toward Gender Equality – Staffing Hub

Although the latest data finds that only “41% of employers overall have reached full gender equality, the percentage is higher in certain industries, including consumer goods and services (69%), healthcare and life sciences (67%), and information technology (66%).” You can learn more about the promising findings in Staffing Hub’s article… Read more »

“Creating an Impactful Succession Plan.” – Hunt Scanlon Media

Hunt Scanlon Media just shared a fantastic article covering a recent report from SGA Talent on the benefits of “Creating an Impactful Succession Plan.” Among them are 5 key points on a succession plan’s impacts: Reduces Disruption Mitigates Talent Shortage Preserves Institutional Knowledge  Promotes Employee Engagement and Retention Enhances Decision-Making… Read more »

“#InspireInclusion and Why This Speaks to a Critical Issue for Employers in 2024 – Part II” – Increase Diversity Newsletter

This week, Jenn Tardy shares the second part to her Increase Diversity newsletter for International Women’s Day/History Month, “#InspireInclusion and Why This Speaks to a Critical Issue for Employers in 2024” In it, she provides three action points for transforming the workplace to benefit women, “especially when it comes to… Read more »

Happy International Women’s Day From MeeDerby

Happy International Women’s Day! MeeDerby is a woman owned and woman led search firm that always strives to elevate, highlight and support women all throughout the Staffing Industry. This year’s theme is “Inspire Inclusion.” “When we inspire others to understand and value women’s inclusion, we forge a better world. And… Read more »