Our Executive Search Solutions for the Staffing Industry

MeeDerby offers the executive search solutions your staffing company needs.

Retained Search

Retained search is geared to finding senior executives. This model of executive search requires significant consulting time and resources to identify the right candidates. This exclusive search is typically paid in thirds: at signing of the contract, upon submission of a short list of candidates; and when candidate is hired.

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Contingent Search

This “pay for performance” model provides access to top talent, but you pay no fee until you hire a MeeDerby candidate. The fee is typically due within 10 calendar days from the start date. If paid on time, MeeDerby guarantees the placement.

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Outsourced Recruiting

Outsource your entire recruiting function to MeeDerby. We serve as the recruiting department for your company. MeeDerby has many more recruiting contacts than typical internal corporate recruiters and takes full responsibility for results. You can focus on your core business, while we take care of recruiting.

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Consulting Services

MeeDerby offers a variety of staffing industry consulting services. We use our internal team or bring in a third-party consultant to produce the required work. MeeDerby either bills hourly for the consultant’s time or based on a fixed fee.

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