“78% of Baby Boomers Think Age Would Be a Factor When Being Considered for a New Position” – ASA Workforce Monitor Report

As Baby Boomers continue to have extended careers and work to older ages, many studies point to a growing issue of ageism in hiring.

According to the recent American Staffing Association Workforce Monitor study, “a staggering 78% of Baby Boomers (ages 60-78) believe their age would be a contributing factor when being considered for a new position.”

Given these staggering data points, Richard Wahlquist, Chief Executive Officer at the American Staffing Association weighed in: “It’s time for a paradigm shift in how the U.S. labor market views older workers. Discrimination based on age is illegal and cannot be tolerated. But routing out persistent and growing ageism requires much more than stepped-up legal enforcement. Policy makers and HR leaders need to work together to correct and overcome the misconceptions, stereotypes, and biases—conscious and unconscious—of the past. Mature workers have the knowledge as well as the workplace skills accumulated over a lifetime that America needs today and will need even more in the future.”

MeeDerby affirms Richard’s sentiments and always works towards filling positions based on the proper experience and skill for the role, never on factors of age, race, creed or gender. In our own company, we have a broad spectrum of age representation with employees spanning several generations. 

Learn more about these recent findings in the full news article provided by ASA here.