How We Work

Our relationship recruitment model has given us a national reputation for excellence. We don’t use job boards to find candidates. We rely on our longstanding relationships in the staffing industry to make every search unique.

The professionals we provide are drawn from:


Our vast database of high-level talent


Incredible referrals from satisfied candidates and clients, and our network


Aggressive use of social media


Creating Win-Win Hiring Results

MeeDerby follows its proven 13-step process for successful placements:


New Client Introduction

This is where each new client starts. An executive recruiter is assigned to each client to manage the relationship and specific searches, and present weekly status updates.


Define Search Parameters

A kick-off meeting between the client and the executive recruiter defines the search parameters from which the recruiting strategy is based. From this meeting, a job description and score card are created.


Implement Recruiting Strategy

All new searches are disseminated inside MeeDerby for collective review.

  • Review active candidates.
  • Search our database of over 60 thousand staffing professionals developed over 32 years.
  • Initiate extensive search.


Extensive Search

  • Connect to our staffing network.
  • Source by referral through continuous networking.
  • Identify new candidates through our proprietary social media recruiting infrastructure.


Interview and Assess

Once we have identified and screened a group of candidates, we narrow the final list to those most qualified and interested. They are carefully interviewed and assessed for their qualifications, compatibility and willingness to make a move.


Present Best Candidates

As each qualified candidate emerges, MeeDerby presents them to the client both verbally and in writing. We provide the important information as to why we believe this candidate is qualified and work carefully to ensure that job offers are accepted.


Manage Interviews

MeeDerby manages the interview process to establish interest quickly with each candidate. We schedule each interview, follow-up to debrief both parties, and assess if things are moving forward


Conduct References

MeeDerby typically conducts a preliminary reference before initial presentation and in-depth references before an offer. In any event, it is the client’s responsibility to conduct their own references and background checks, upon which to base a final hiring decision.



While we work with our clients’ process, MeeDerby prefers to negotiate and settle all details before any offer is made. This includes base salary, bonuses, commissions, benefits, equity and relocation. We are in a unique position to help both parties reach an agreement through honest and realistic negotiation. Our involvement ensures the best use of everyone’s time.


Formal Offer

The candidate is presented the verbal offer, with the written offer to follow. Ideally, very little negotiation occurs at this stage because the offer is pre-closed whenever possible.



MeeDerby’s candidate accepts. MeeDerby rarely sees an offer rejected part of our strategy is to not waste anyone’s time or create unachievable expectations.



A series of critical events occurs once the candidate accepts the offer until the start date. Usually the candidate must resign from a current job, serve out a notice period, deal with counteroffers and possibly relocate. MeeDerby is very engaged at this stage to give support and smooth the transition.


Guarantee Period

Usually divning the first 90 days, MeeDerby checks in with candidates and clients once a month to ensure that everyone’s expectations are being met.

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