Walter Shedd – Celebrating 2 years with MeeDerby


Today we are celebrating Walter Shedd’s two year anniversary with MeeDerby! Congratulations Walter! To capture the moment we ask him a few questions:


1. Could you introduce yourself?

I am Walter Shedd, Recruiter at MeeDerby.  Today marks my 2-year anniversary and what an incredible two years it has been!


2. What has been your favorite MeeDerby moment/memory?

I’ll never forget interviewing for this opportunity when I had the ability to interview with every Executive Recruiter on the team.  By the time we got to an offer, I already felt like I had felt my “home” within my career.  The caliber of this team is truly of legendary quality and the interactions I have with my team continue to develop me both personally and professionally.


3. What does the future of staffing look like?

I think the future of Staffing is bright, we have innovators left and right and I can confidently say that I am working with THE most exciting companies within our industry.  I think as long as we all stay obsessed with our clients’ needs and our candidates’ desires, Staffing will continue to flourish and reach new heights and I am excited to have a front row seat to that adventure.