June 2016 Employment Report by Bruce Steinberg

Bruce Steinberg’s June 2016 Employment Report looks into temporary help services regarding right-to-work laws and regulations. After crunching the numbers, the report concludes: “Although right-to-work laws and regulations appear to have some influence on the concentration of temporary help services, the stronger driver is likely the amount of jobs in the… Read more »

April 2016 Employment Report by Bruce Steinberg

    Bruce Steinberg’s April 2016 Employment Report examines the decline in manufacturing jobs that began before the Great Recession and has since continued to diminish.   The report covers employment trends by sector. “The good news is that the number of jobs increased in April; the not-so-good news was the actual number… Read more »

March 2016 Employment Report by Bruce Steinberg

  This month you can view the employment report in an interactive video podcast, bringing the numbers to life.     In the latest Employment Report, Bruce Steinberg addresses the global stagnation in wage growth as it relates to inflation, technology, and automation of skills.   He also breaks down national… Read more »

January 2016 Employment Report by Bruce Steinberg

    In his latest Employment Report, Bruce Steinberg scopes out the likelihood of another recession   “Of course a recession is lurking out there — it’s only a question of when. Although it looks like the next recession will hold off for at least the next 12 months, anything is possible.… Read more »

December ’15 Employment Report by Bruce Steinberg

  Not only has Bruce Steinberg released his monthly employment write-up for this past December, he also published an extensive report focusing on Temporary Help Services Jobs and Overall Employment Projections for the years 2014 to 2024. This downloadable PDF surveys the industry numbers, breaking it down by occupation: “Success in staffing… Read more »

US Employment Situation for June 2015

Bruce Steinberg’s monthly report is essential reading for anyone who wants the big-picture on America’s job market.   As well as illustrating job trends by sector, this June edition offers a discussion on disruptors in the staffing industry, like new developments in the online labor market. It also includes fresh… Read more »

May 2015 Employment Report via Bruce Steinberg

Each month, Bruce Steinberg gets the full scoop on national employment trends and breaks it down for us laypeople. He launches the May 2015 employment report with a fascinating discussion about emerging technologies that automate job-matching, and how this affects the staffing industry: It’s no great secret that staffing companies, either… Read more »