May 2017 Employment Report

      In the May ’17 Employment Report, economist Bruce Steinberg provides a summation of the Federal Reserve Board’s latest version of The Beige Book, focusing on developments relative to staffing. Staffing professionals should be aware of the tight labor market’s negative impact on Temporary Help Services.   “The May… Read more »

March 2017 Employment Report

      Is another recession immanent? Economist Bruce Steinberg studies the side-ways moving rates of unemployment and job vacancies.   Read the full US Employment Situation by Bruce Steinberg.      The monthly report also examines employment trends across all sectors. Share these stats with your team to inform your strategic planning.   Read… Read more »

February 2017 US Employment Report

  Defining the total labor force is not as straightforward it may seem – that’s why other metrics like labor force participation rate and employment-to-population ratio are important. This and more in the the February 2017 U.S. Employment Situation, published by Bruce Steinberg.   The monthly report also breaks down… Read more »

December 2016 US Employment Report

  In the December 2016 US Employment Report, economist Bruce Steinberg examines the notion that employment among millennials is growing faster than other age cohorts.   Steinberg found job growth for millennials is indeed outpacing other age groups, and the cohort 25-34 in particular is experiencing the strongest year-over-year growth in… Read more »

November 2016 US Employment Report by Bruce Steinberg

  Bruce Steinberg’s November Employment Report zooms into localized markets, exploring change in GDP at the state level.   This chart shows change in state GDP in current dollars in private industries. How is your state doing? Keep in mind that “because smaller measurements are subject to larger variations, state current dollar… Read more »

October 2016 US Employment Report by Bruce Steinberg

  Bruce Steinberg’s October 2016 Employment Report examines trends in part-time employment since the recession. “[Part-time employment] has yet to return to pre-recessionary levels and it may never. The economy has and will continue to go under fundamental shifts as the nature of employment and jobs changes in this new economy.”… Read more »

September 2016 Employment Report by Bruce Steinberg

  Bruce Steinberg’s September 2016 Employment Report explores whether the next recession is just around the corner.   This 88-month cycle of expansion could be nearing its close, though it’s a matter of “when.” Steinberg compares this expansion cycle to past cycles, and though the Beveridge Curve does indicate likelihood of a coming… Read more »

August 2016 Employment Report by Bruce Steinberg

  Bruce Steinberg’s August 2016 Employment Report begins by examining different measurements of the manufacturing economy.   Manufacturing employment has declined over the past 30 years, while the output per job has increased. However, both these indices have leveled off in recent years, Overall output has grown erratically, in opposition… Read more »

July 2016 Employment Report by Bruce Steinberg

  Bruce Steinberg’s July 2016 Employment Report examines the apparent tightening of the labor market.   A comparison of job openings to hires demonstrates a general tightening of the labor market. But it all depends on the sector. “Generally speaking, if the number of jobs increases while hiring is essentially flat, the number… Read more »