“Workplace Flexibility Is the Top Non-Salary Element of Compensation” – Staffing Hub

A recent survey conducted by The Conference Board found that “Workplace Flexibility Is the Top Non-Salary Element of Compensation.”

Among the findings, the top five most important non-salary compensation elements are:

  • Workplace flexibility options (location, hours): 65%
  • Bonus, commission, or other incentive pay: 64%
  • Generous PTO: 60%
  • Retirement plans – company contribution/match: 59%
  • Flexible and affordable healthcare plans: 53%

This workforce survey was conducted between September 20th and October 4th of this year polling over 1500 US based employees who weighed in “on their current work situation, how they felt about their current compensation, and what benefits they value most.”

Staffing Hub further reports on the survey whose results are embedded in their article here!