Sue Jagan – Celebrating 4 years with MeeDerby

Sue Jagan just celebrated her four year anniversary with MeeDerby this past weekend! Congratulations Sue!!

To capture the moment we asked her a few questions:


1. Could you introduce yourself?

I am Sue Jagan, 4 years with Mee Derby, 15 years of staffing industry experience, based out of the DC Metro but networked throughout the US. The staffing industry has kept my attention for the last 15 years because there is never a dull moment and I’m changing people’s lives!


2. What has been your favorite MeeDerby moment/memory?

My favorite MeeDerby moment was the retreat to Islamorada, FL. As we were boarding our boat for a tour, we were visited by a manatee that had swum up to the dock and was just hanging out. Being that close to a manatee in the wild was oh so sweet!


3. What does the future of staffing look like?

Different. The industry is changing and I believe for the better. The traditional staffing models, i.e. bricks and mortar, reporting to an office every day, are being set to the side and making way for new strategies to improve the work-life of both internal and external candidates.