Eliza Deang – Operations Manager – The Faces of Mee Derby


The Faces of Mee Derby is an initiative to share the stories of our team and their journey’s through the staffing industry from a personal and professional perspective. COVID is bringing us all together in a whole different way by connecting through technology. From our home offices to yours, we invite you over the next several weeks to get to know the Mee Derby team through this video series. It is a fun look at who we are – collectively and individually – how we got into staffing and what the staffing industry means to us. This week we are hearing from Eliza Deang:


Why staffing? How did you end up in this industry? 

I started my career in my mid-twenties and honestly had no idea what the staffing industry was at that time. I knew I was good at dealing with human behaviour, so I was looking for a company that would provide me a lot of human interaction and a high energy atmosphere, as well as a job where I can find meaning and value in what I do. Somehow a recruitment job landed on my plate, I worked for a recruitment company in the philippines that provides services to clients in Australia, USA, New Zealand and Hong Kong. We were recruiting nurses, IT professionals, and engineers. It was just plain fun in the beginning and as I did my job, I realized how important my role is in changing people’s lives in a big way.


How has your journey led you to Mee Derby?

I am Mee Derby’s representative of the American dream. I came here to visit my family in December of 1998 for a visit to my Mom and my siblings. During that time the unemployment rate was 2% or 3% so my family was really encouraging me to look for a job, however I was on a visitors visa when I was here. Because they encouraged me, I did it anyways and I found this ad for a technical recruiter position for the Washington Post, responded to it and was invited for an interview. It was actually a job for one of Mee Derby’s clients who could provide sponsorship [for me]. After I had my first interview, they called me [to say] that the job had been canceled. Fortunately the recruiter who interviewed me was telling me that she went to Robin and said, “why not Mee Derby?” Next thing I knew I was being interviewed by the whole Mee Derby team during that time. Fortunately, everyone was happy to have me on the team, however there were a lot of complications because I needed sponsorship. Robin took a chance on me and proceeded with the  work authorization sponsorship application. It was a tedious process and there were bumps along the way. Robin and I were both resilient and eliminated all the hindrances and Robin really helped me out. After six months we got the approval! I remember I went back to Australia after the application was launched and got a call from Robin that the work authorization was approved! That was the beginning of my journey and here I am, I’ve been with Mee Derby for 20 years.


How long have you been working remotely and what are the benefits for you professional & personally?

I have been working partly remotely for probably 15 years now, I work from home two times a week. As a working mother, this is a big deal for me. It helped me a lot specifically when my children were growing up, it provides a work-life balance. When there is that balance, everything else becomes less stressful. 

Professionally, it teaches you discipline. You know, being in the house alone you can lose your focus. It teaches you to maintain that discipline mindset to maintain the energy and motivation in the absence of other people. 


How does Mee Derby impact the staffing industry?

Mee Derby is a small segment in the staffing industry but we have an important impact. We take on the responsibility of finding the right candidate for our clients who are all in the staffing industry. More importantly, Mee Derby is engaged in the industry. Also, our team members provide their expertise, their knowledge and their support to the associations like SIA, ASA and their local chapters. This is our way of giving back to the industry that has given the company executives and staff a good life.


What are your favorite aspects of working for Mee Derby?

My most favorite part is the culture of the company. We are expected to deliver individually but we work as a team. There is a lot of collaboration and every member of the team is willing to help each other for you to be successful. I really consider Mee Derby as my second family. 

Secondly, everyone is generous in sharing their knowledge both professionally and personally. I really learned a lot from everyone and continuously learning from them.

Lastly, the company knows how to have fun, let loose and enjoy. That makes you feel that there is life after work. I will forever be grateful for Mee Derby, they are a big part of my professional and personal growth and success. That changed my life and my family’s life, I guess that is why I’ve been here for 20 years!


Eliza Deang

Operations Manager