Mee Derby stands in support of the Black Lives Matters movement, and against the systematic oppression and injustices faced by African Americans and people of color. We stand for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and the countless others who have lost their lives, been impacted by police brutality or racial injustice. We stand with the protesters and their right to peacefully assemble. We stand with Americans who seek diversity and inclusion. We stand for shattering the glass ceiling for everyone forever.

This is a time for reflection and to consider our past actions. It is also time to impact change, both personally and professionally.

Now more than ever, Mee Derby seeks to increase diversity and diverse hiring within the staffing industry. We immediately make the following commitments. 

  • We commit to having critical conversations with our staffing colleagues about achieving diversity in our industry. 
  • We commit to include more diverse candidates in the searches we conduct, in partnership and collaboration with our customers. 

Mee Derby will donate to the following organizations through ActBlue Charities, which makes it easy to get money directly to organizations fighting against racism and police brutality: 

  • Black Lives Matter Global Network 
  • Black Voters Matter Fund, 
  • NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund 
  • The National Police Accountability Project 
  • Campaign Zero 

We encourage you to give to this movement, to protest peacefully and safely, to engage in these difficult discussions, to educate yourselves and each other. 

You can donate here