Robin’s ABC’S (Always Be Closing) of Recruiting

Robin’s ABC’S (Always BClosing) of Recruiting

A is for Attitude – Positive (obviously)!  Do whatever it takes to get the job done.

B is for Business – Everyone is empowered to run their own business (or desk) as a “profit center”.  is for Buzz – create it in the office.

C is for Client Development, Candidate Management , Cold Call Recruiting and Communication (the key to our success)

D is for Drive – Drive the process, drive your activity, drive your client and your candidate towards doing the deal, drive your business. D is for Doing the right thing.

E is for Excellence – be the very best at whatever you choose in life.  Be the best recruiter that you can be!!

F is for Follow Up – immediate, clear and concise.  Follow up can make or break a search relationship.  When you get a referral, follow up immediately or give it back to the originator of the lead.  Good follow up is the building blocks for solid placements, poor follow up will kill a deal. F is for Fun – enjoy what we do and the space in which we work.

is for Greatness.

H is for Honesty – always, no compromises.

I is for Initiate – everyday call new potential candidates and clients.  Only you can make it happen!

J is for Just do it.

K is for Knowledge – keep learning, reading, growing, networking.

L is for Loving what you do and doing what you love.

M is for Mastering the art of recruiting, M is for Motivated – to make placements and make money.

N is for Negotiate – create a win – win situations for your clients, candidates and yourself.  N is for Network – like crazy!

O is for Octopus –  we are always juggling at least 8 things at any given time!

P is for Passion – live your life and do your job purpose and passion.  P is  for Pipeline – keep it full!

Q is for Quality – provide the best quality search services to our clients and candidates, learn from your mistakes, admitting when you are wrong and do everything in your power to make it right.

P is for Passion, P is for Phone (get on it and stay on it)!

R is for Ring that bell – at least twice a month!  R is for Reputation – creating a good one and doing everything in your power to maintain it!

S is for Sense of Urgency.  S is for Service.

T is for Time – on the phone, in an interview or on a client visit.  Never enough of it…

U if for Ultimately making the right decisions in life, to figure out who you want to be, how you want to live and how you are going to get it.

V is for Value added services – we strive to go above and beyond what is expected of us.

W is for win-win – create them with your candidates and clients.

X is for going the eXtra mile.

Y is for always doing Your best.

Z is for Zebra (it can be a zoo around here!)