Try out this interactive infographic about career income potential

Careers income potential zippia mee derby


We think all working professionals, not just staffing professionals, might be interested in a report recently published by Zippia, a professional training and coaching company that use state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to collect data on millions of real life careers.




These interactive infographics are very helpful in conveying a lot of interesting information to both recruiters and job seekers.


Particularly interesting is the illustration of average income over time, graphing how one’s income trajectory looks in different industries. They also show how each industry breaks down in terms of gender over age as well as geographical concentrations of these occupations by state.


It’s important to note that just because someone works in one of the “dead end career” industries does not denote any failure on their part. Many people find meaning in their work, particularly in industries like food service, personal care and wellness, and that sense of purpose is fulfilling enough to compromise on income. At the same time, many do wish these industries paid more, especially as one matures!


We think it’s important to lay the facts out there; data like this helps inform job seekers in crafting career objectives and personal goal-setting, and industry professionals in understanding and guiding compensation.


Read the full infographic and blog post by Zippia!