June 2018 Employment Report

June Jobs Report Mee Derby


Is the “gig economy” as booming as it seems? It depends how we define contingent work and temporary help workers.

After a 12 year hiatus, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has revived its Contingent and Alternative Employment Arrangements report. Economist Bruce Steinberg addresses this in his June 2018 Employment Report:


“… times change and what once perceived as a threat to the traditional employer-employee relationship and morphed into what some refer to as the “gig economy” — think Uber, Lyft, Amazon Mechanical Turk marketplace, and other ‘gigs.’ The topline results from the latest C&AWA report is that the gig economy is not as prevalent as is often reported by the media, which is quite understandable as the country is at record low unemployment levels with employers often scrabbling for workers.”


Adecco also breaks down the numbers of the June Jobs report with some helpful infographics in this blog post about their main takeaways. 


We recommend Bruce Steinberg’s monthly report to all recruiters and staffing professionals. Share this with your team and stay on top of the national employment trends across all sectors.


Read the full June 2018 US Employment Situation by Bruce Steinberg.