“Recruiting and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Day” by Stephanie O’Hayre

“Recruiters work hard. We juggle our workday between hours speaking on the phone, scouring social media, qualifying talent through numerous interviews, writing candidate presentations, maintaining constant communication, and negotiating with all parties throughout the process.  We do all that we can to ensure a win/win from start to end. In my line of recruitment, we do all this work for free until a position is filled. Yet every recruiter knows that the success of a placement is never guaranteed. You can do everything right, and weeks or even months of work can result in a client or a candidate not crossing the finish line. So, what do you do when the deal falls through?”

Mee Derby executive recruiter Stephanie O’Hayre shares some great advice for hanging tight through the emotional rollercoaster that recruiting can be. Read the full article here.