July 2017 Employment Report



In the July 2017 Employment Report, economist Bruce Steinberg shares a piece he had written 12 years ago predicting the real estate crash. It’s a letter to the editor of the August 2005 issue of Financial Times, in which Steinberg describes the role that staffing services play in the employment economy:


“… workers out of work tend to stay that way because potential employers assume those workers are not good enough for a job and tend to offer insufficient pay to attract the best candidates. However, in the case of permanent recruitment services, staffing services as well as temporary employees bring more information to the ‘buyer’ to enable the potential employer to make a more reasonable job offer than they would offer an unknown candidate. Perhaps the success of job boards can be partially attributed to their providing more labour market information to all parties involved in the employment process.”

Steinberg’s monthly report also covers employment trends across all sectors. Share these stats with your team to inform your strategic planning.


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