Ask a Staffing Leader—5 Questions with Robin Mee

ask a staffing leader robin mee bullhorn

ask a staffing leader robin mee bullhorn

Bullhorn recently shared some insights from Robin Mee on winning new business & addressing the talent shortage.


Staffing firms cited the talent shortage as the number one challenge in the 2017 staffing and recruiting trends report. How does the talent shortage impact the way staffing firms should approach candidate engagement? What steps can staffing firms take to win candidates for difficult-to-place positions?


There’s a talent shortage both for internal candidates and for the candidates you place on assignment. Candidate engagement is critical for both. The fundamentals of an effective candidate engagement strategy apply to both types of candidates and their unique needs.

There are four essential steps involved in creating a sustainable candidate engagement strategy that works for your firm…

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These questions and answers are part of Bullhorn’s new ebook Staffing Speaks Out: Global Recruiting Leaders Share Their Best Candidate Engagement Advice.


Robin Mee will be speaking along with Kim Whiteley at the upcoming Bullhorn Engage conference in Boston – learn more about it here!