Staffing World ’16: Robin & Kim to Present Idea Lab on Recruiting Strategy

asa-50-years-staffing-worldStaffing World® 2016

Oct. 25–27 in San Diego, CA

ASA Turns 50 This Year—Join the Celebration!

Please join the American Staffing Association at this unprecedented event, where the largest gathering of business pioneers, thought leaders, and trailblazers will take part in a historic celebration of the industry.


Robin Mee and Kim Whiteley of Mee Derby are excited to share a 30 minute Idea Lab presentation on how to develop your internal recruiting strategy. Join them in the expo hall (where you also can enjoy lunch) at 12:30-1pm on Wednesday the 26th. 

There is a talent shortage within our industry—yet the industry continues to expand. Demand for candidates is up, unemployment is down, and skilled workers are harder than ever to find. But it’s not just quality temporary and contract employees staffing firms are vying for—we’re also competing for much-needed internal employees. Join Robin Mee, chairman of the Staffing as a Career taskforce, and Kim Whiteley of Mee Derby to explore ideas about how to create or improve your existing internal recruiting strategies.

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