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There are 663,019 staffing and recruiting professionals on LinkedIn.


People want to connect – it is our very nature as human beings. At Mee Derby we talk about a lot of things other than getting hired or hiring, including how to navigate the changing ecosystem of the staffing industry. In our conversations we keep finding a common thread about how to succeed in staffing today – connect with community. And the community of the staffing industry lives on LinkedIn.


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Everybody knows that LinkedIn is one of the best resources for staffing companies, but we cannot overstate the value that this platform has had for Mee Derby over the past few years and the value it can have for your firm, if you make the most of it. In our case, we recruit for a specific niche – management and executive level roles at staffing firms. Whatever your staffing specialty, a huge portion of your talent uses LinkedIn to network and tune into the conversation. And the best way for any company to engage with their community is to build followers.


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If you’re not sure whether you’re already connected with Mee Derby on LinkedIn, now’s a good time to check, and hit that follow button if not. We post original content, articles, industry news and job openings daily. It’s a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of the staffing community at large.
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