Considering Staffing as a Career? Insider Advice from the ASA and Robin Mee

So, you’d like to work in staffing…


Robin and colleagues at the VACE Conference 2015.
Robin and colleagues at the VACE Conference 2015.

Now what exactly does that entail? Robin Mee, president and founder of Mee Derby presented on this very topic last week at the VACE Annual Conference in Newport News, Virginia, where area students and alumni convened for panels and networking about career development and career services.

Mee understands the changing employment landscape that millenials face as they embark upon the search for meaningful work. She presented on Staffing as a Career to address the basic questions that may arise as you consider entering the world of staffing, giving a sense of the industry’s shape and its unique challenges and advantages. For those who could not come to the conference, here is a recap of her presentation.


What exactly is the staffing industry?

Each week, staffing firms place more than 3 million temporary and contract employees in businesses nationwide. Staffing firms match qualified talent with clients who have open positions, short and long-term.

Businesses get the talent they need to keep their operations running efficiently and hone their competitive edge. Employees get the work they want and opportunities they need toward flexible or permanent work. Everyone who works with a staffing firm benefits. As a result, the U.S. economy benefits, too.

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The American Staffing Association, or ASA, is the national trade association of the staffing and recruiting industry. Mee chairs a task force to help connect our industry with career-ready students and graduates. The ASA even hosts an entire area of their website offering free informational resources to get you started – check it out here!


There is a talent shortage within the Staffing Industry― yet the industry continues to expand. This shortage is an issue for every staffing and recruiting firm. A 2014 study by the North American Staffing and Recruiting Trends Report said that 86% of recruiting firms with 11 or more recruiters and salespeople plan to increase hiring this year. Why do few college graduates set their sights set on careers in the staffing and recruiting industry?

access to the right talent
“Staffing and recruiting firms are playing an extremely important role in helping millions of Americans in flexible work situations achieve their goal of bridging to permanent employment.”


Companies Benefit From Working With Staffing Firms

What value would you provide as a recruiter for a staffing firm? Data from the ASA in March showed the following benefits:

  • Flexibility, speed, and access to talent are among the top benefits cited by staffing firm clients.
  • The staffing industry hired 14.6 million people during all of 2014. Most transitioned quickly to permanent jobs as businesses increased the size of their talent pools. The average length of employment with a staffing firm was 11.3 weeks in 2014.
  • Temporary and contract staffing sales were 7.9% higher in the fourth quarter of 2014 compared with the same period the prior year, totaling $30.54 billion. In 2014, temporary and contract staffing sales were up 5.7% over the prior year.

What’s in it for you?

  • Staffing exposes you to all sorts of companies and career paths.
  • The industry develops you personally and professionally. You meet a ton of new people and learn from each interaction. You learn how to work toward a common goal.
  • Great leadership opportunities
  • Huge ladder to climb, typically starting at the recruiter level…moving up
  • Financially rewarding – solid base salaries + great commissions
  • Help people find meaningful work


Shh… Exclusive advice:

The ASA put together a profile of the ideal candidate for our full-time staffing professional positions. We are looking for folks who have the following attributes:

attributes that position a candidate



We hope this recap of Robin’s presentation has been informative. Connect with ASA and Robin on LinkedIn to find out more about answering the call to join the staffing industry.