looking to hire for your staffing company?

Mee Derby specializes in placing Executives, Managers, Senior Sales and Senior Recruiters in Staffing, Professional Services and Workforce Solutions. Contact us for help with your firm.

Why do companies in the staffing industry themselves hire us?

Staffing companies hire us because they trust our reputation. They know our commitment to innovation and excellence brings them the best candidates. We source and recruit talent for firms that need to devote their time to their own client roster or who wish to conduct a confidential search, those who need to make a very specific hire or simply tap into resources they don’t have. Companies hire us for our expertise, sound judgment and excellent recommendations.

Why Mee Derby?

Subject Matter Expertise

Nobody knows search for the staffing industry better than Mee Derby. Our Executive Recruiters have more than 100 years of staffing industry experience between them, and their expertise is unmatched. Our staff keeps up with industry trends, analytical reports, trade publications, content-rich seminars and annual meetings. Our daily contact with industry leaders, hiring managers, and active candidates ensures that we stay well informed.

Proactive Approach

To help our clients find and hire the best employees, we continuously source qualified candidates. We pride ourselves on understanding what our clients need before job orders are created. Armed with that knowledge, we seek and find the kinds of candidates our companies are looking for, whether through plumbing the hidden candidate pool or working our nationwide network of contacts.

We are experts at every facet of the hiring process from original research and recruiting, to conducting interviews, assessing talent and checking references. We stay informed about industry trends, career developments and competitive compensation. We negotiate agreements so that everyone wins and work can begin with realistic and attainable expectations.

High-Touch Management

Mee Derby is a proactive, contact-driven, process-oriented search firm. Our clients receive the highest level of quality service. Every Mee Derby client company is assigned an Executive Recruiter who is committed to building and managing the relationship to stay on top of hiring needs.

Advanced Technology Systems

Mee Derby uses Bullhorn, the leading candidate tracking enterprise application for the staffing industry. This powerful, flexible, and functional system is equipped with the latest productivity, timesaving, and reporting tools. Mee Derby has mastered information management and can create customized reporting based on client company requirements and requests.

Our Solutions

Mee Derby offers retained, semi-retained, contingent search, outsourced recruiting and consulting services.

Retained Search

Mee Derby conducts an exclusive retained search and is typically paid in thirds: at signing of the retainer contract, at submission of a short list of candidates, and at hiring of candidate. Retained search is geared to finding senior executives. This model of executive search requires significant consulting time and resources to identify candidates.

Semi-Retained Search

Mee Derby conducts a search to find qualified candidates to fill open job orders and charges a portion of the placement fee as a retainer up front. The balance is due once the hire is made. Semi-retained searches are for higher level positions or particularly hard-to-fill jobs that require Mee Derby to conduct more research and commit more resources.

Contingent Search

Mee Derby sources qualified candidates to fill open job orders and charges a placement fee only when the client hires the candidate. The fee is paid by the client. If the fee is paid when due, typically 10 calendar days from the start date, Mee Derby guarantees the placement for a period of time. This “pay for performance” model provides access to top talent that is paid for only when a successful hire is made.

Outsourced Recruiting

Mee Derby functions as the recruiting department for a company. Compared to internal corporate recruiters, Mee Derby has many more recruiting contacts, significant search expertise and takes full responsibility for the results. The advantage to the client is that they focus on their core business, while Mee Derby does the recruiting.

Consulting Services

Mee Derby offers a variety of staffing industry Consulting Services.  We use our internal team or bring in a 3rd party consultant to produce the required work. Mee Derby bills hourly for the consultant’s time or based on a fixed fee.

Examples of recent consulting assignments include:

  • Analysis of internal recruiting infrastructure for a leading independent provider of staffing and workforce solutions
  • Strategic review, with recommendations, of the sales and recruiting infrastructure of a mid-size IT staffing and solutions firm
  • Independent verification and candidate review for executive hire

Proven Track Record

Mee Derby has a proven track record of success since 1988. We have worked with thousands of candidates and hundreds of companies resulting in more than 1,500 placements. Our reputation for being honest, ethical, fair, and professional is outstanding in the staffing industry. Two consecutive years of receiving Inavero’s Best of Staffing designation independently validates Mee Derby’s quality of service and best practices.